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HITRUST Community Extension Program 

HITRUST Community Extension Program (CEP) events are back.  We look forward to working with you to make them better than ever, with options for in-person, virtual, and Assessor-led events. Today's working professionals need a compelling reason to leave their homes or offices to attend live events.  But some of those same individuals are facing virtual event burnout following years of the pandemic. HITRUST hopes to provide External Assessors with the flexibility to host experiences that your prospects will find beneficial and worth attending. 

Explore the different ways you can host a HITRUST CEP in 2024.

In-Person CEP

  • Number Available for 2024 – 1 per month
  • Target Minimum RSVPs – 55+ individuals from 20+ organizations
  • Target Minimum Attendance – 30+ individuals from 12+ organizations
  • Location – You choose and reserve a location in a major metro area that will entice attendees to participate in person. Consider the allure of selecting a location that offers entertainment and meeting rooms that can serve as an excellent incentive for guests to step away from their desks or leave the comfort of their homes. We suggest hosting the presentation in a dedicated meeting room, followed by a networking session in a reserved space, where attendees can enjoy snacks, drinks, and entertainment. Some examples of these locations could include a golf venue, stadium, or museum. Or consider reserving a meeting room at a top-notch restaurant in town. Is there a place where people would be thrilled to receive an invitation for lunch but may not typically visit at their own expense? These types of venues have proven to be exceptional options for lunchtime events. The cost of treating a prospective client to a meal is usually much lower than the expense associated with acquiring and advancing a lead through traditional marketing tactics.
  • Promotion and Support – The External Assessor will deliver an enticing venue and commit to ensureing that we achieve the desired minimum number of RSVPs and attendance. HITRUST will actively promote the event on our social media platforms and through our website events calendar. Additionally, we will provide a speaker. 
  • High Priority Areas –
    • Seattle, WA
    • Arlington, VA
    • San Francisco and San Jose, CA
    • Atlanta, GA
    • Miami, Tampa or Orlando, FL
    • Chicago, IL
    • Boston, MA
    • Jersey City, NJ and New York, NY
    • Philadelphia, PA
    • Houston, Austin, or Dallas, TX

Virtual CEP

  • Number Available for 2024 – 2 per quarter (8 total)
  • Target Minimum RSVPs – 45 individuals from 20+ organizations
  • Target Minimum Attendance – 20+ individuals from 10+ organizations
  • Promotion and Support - The External Assessor is dedicated to ensuring the event's success by driving the minimum required number of RSVPs and attendance. HITRUST will host the webinar-style session on its platform, which will be promoted through social media and our website events calendar. Additionally, we will provide a speaker who will present and take questions totaling a 45-60 minute session.

Assessor-Led CEP

If you’re eager to host a session, but find it challenging to meet the minimum registration and attendance criteria, don't worry. Reach out to us, and we'll gladly offer you educational and presentation materials that will enable you to conduct your session in a way that suits you best.

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