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A Path to Trustworthy AI
The HITRUST Strategy for Providing Reliable
AI Security Assurances

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HITRUST is launching the AI Assurance Program, which is the first and only system focused on achieving and sharing cybersecurity control assurances for Generative AI and other emerging AI applications. Together with industry leader partners, we are identifying and delivering practical and scalable assurance for AI risk and security management through key initiatives providing organizations with the leadership needed to achieve the benefits of AI while managing the risks and security of their AI deployments.

In the document, we share how our strategy

  • prioritizes AI risk management as the foundational consideration using the HITRUST CSF
  • enables reliable assurances around AI risks and risk management through HITRUST reports
  • embraces inheritance in support of scalable and practical Shared Responsibility for AI
  • spearheads industry collaboration on AI security requirements in support of trustworthy AI

Download the Strategy Document